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About Us

Alternate Decision was born inside the mind of a man named Dan Conerd. Dan served in the United States Army in Mosul, Iraq during OIF III, 2005. After the sounds of one too many Apache helicopters unloading in surrounding areas, or the reports on the radio of fellow comrades being attacked by suicide bombers, Dan decided that he needed something to occupy his mind. Something else other than being in Iraq in the middle of what he felt was an unjust war.

Not willing to give in to the military's one and only solution of anti-depressants and sleeping pills, he decided to pick up a new hobby of designing t-shirts. Hence the birth of his Alternate Decision to drug use and emotional downfall. Since 2005, ADC has produced many different designs first via Cafepress and then in a screen print shop. Once back to the states, Dan taught himself how to screen print on a 4- color-screen-press.

Dan has worked with Aizek Visions Custom Marketing, which specializes in screen printing and branding accessories, with a staff of 5 running both a 4-color-press and a 6-color- press. In the near future Dan plans to work along side another screen print shop in Denver called Super Screen Print. It is there Dan plans to step beyond the competition with his designs.

ADC strives to produce a unique and solid design on high-quality and sustainable materials for lasting durability and style.

ADC is committed to community level art and supports other local designers and basement start ups.

If you would like to showcase your artwork, jewelry, dresses, or anything else, we would love to lend a hand and turn ADC into a local design collective. ADC also supports the local music scene. If your band seeks custom made t-shirts or apparel, contact us. We understand many start up bands are on a tight budget. We are more than happy to discuss your limitations and work with you to create a product you can afford.